Below you will find an itemized list of all of the information typically needed to process a Fairfax Virginia mortgage. To start the application process, a “loan application” (form 1003) is completed with the information you provide verbally to a Fairfax Virginia, loan officer. The loan application information includes your current and previous address (if you haven’t been in your home for at least two years), your current and former employer (if you haven’t been with the same employer for at least two years) and your credit and asset information.

Skeptical about the mortgage process? This list attempts to cover all of the information that may be needed. The loan type and your particular credit situation will eventually determine precisely what kind of Fairfax Virginia mortgage you qualify for and what documentation you will need to supply.

Borrower and co-borrower information

Your photo Identification

Your Social Security Number

Your home address for the last two years

The Name, address and phone number of your landlords over the past two years